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The Monster that Ate Hansen’s Natural

You may have seen Hansen’s Natural juices or natural branded sodas in the naturals aisle in the grocery store with their unassuming packaging and wholesome halo.

You absolutely have seen Monster Beverage energy drinks in just-about-everywhere with their giant, loud, and potentially fatal , well, monsters.

These two diametrically different beverages are the same company.

In 2002, Hansen’s Natural introduced the energy drink Monster and it very quickly began to make more money than all of their other products combined. By 2011, Monster accounted for 90% of sales from Hansen’s Natural. In 2012, Hansen’s changed their name to the Monster Beverage Corporation to reflect this distribution.

Of course, now the Coca-Cola Corp. owns 16.7% of the Monster Beverage Corp. and owns the Hansen’s Natural line of products outright.

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