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Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas

I’ve been making these for years and I’m not quite sure where the recipe came from. Regardless of where I learned how to make these, they are simple, hearty, and delicious.

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas

What you will need:

One large sweet potato
One medium onion
One 15oz can of black beans
One jar of salsa
Package of tortillas
Some cheese*

*Or fake cheese if that’s your thing. I used Daiya Pepper Jack Shreds

What to do:

1. Dice up the sweet potato and onion into little cubes.

2. Throw the sweet potato into a lightly oiled frying pan and sauté them until they are just about tender. Throw the onions and (rinsed) black beans in with the sweet potatoes and sauté them a couple more minutes.

Your mix should look like this:

While you are waiting for the potatoes to be ready, coat the bottom of a casserole dish with salsa.

3. Spoon some of the mixture into tortillas and add a bit of your cheese choice.

4. Fold the tortillas over and pack them into the casserole dish fold down. Pack them in as tightly as you can. Top them off with more salsa, cheese, and whatever sweet potato mix you have left over.

5. Pop them in the oven @ about 325 for 10 minutes.

6. Noms


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