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Smokey Radish Chips

Back with another really easy, really tasty, and really healthy snack recipe for you. This one was born of my wife and I liking Fritos and chili a little too much. When I started to get concerned about the empty calories and freakish amount of sodium, I thought about how to make a healthy alternative. After some experimentation and a few failures (though it is hard to fail too much with delicious raw vegetables), I give you:

Smokey Radish Chips

What you will need:

Be warned, this is a “some” kind of recipe. Everything is added to taste so there will be no exact measures here.

A squirt or two of lemon juice
Some pepper
Some smoked salt (alternately you can use a dash of liquid smoke)
About a handfull of nutritional yeast (you can get this at any health food store and some grocery stores)

And a small bowl of radish chopped up like so:

What to do:

1. Mix all the ingredients together. Adjust spices to taste.

2. NOM!

You can add garlic or onion powder if you’d like them to have more of a kick. Either way these are great in chili or just by themselves and they will give you the same salty crunch as corn chips without all the processing and high sodium levels.

As always, let me know of any variations that you come up with and enjoy!

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