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Changing for Keeps

Frenchy Omelette - Changing For Keeps

Frenchy Keto Omelette

When eating a ketogenic diet, one often eats a lot of eggs. They are a wonderful and quick source of protein, fat, …

Robert Santos-Prowse

2015-2016 Update

Shoo, ya’ll — I haven’t posted in over a year! As you will see if you keep reading, I have been rather busy. Without …

Breakfast Coffee (Fat Coffee)

Breakfast Coffee I’ve actually been just calling this “fat coffee” because it has a crazy amount of fat in it. Before I …

Almond Butter Bread - Changing for Keeps

Almond Butter Bread

This recipe was born out of experimentation and boredom with food choices in week 7 of my vegetarian ketosis experiment. Also, because …

Chia Seeds - Ketosis Week 3

Ketosis Reflections Week 3

Ketosis Week 3 – Recipe Edition Housekeeping I have settled in to an eating pattern and have not exceeded my carb limit …